Collection: Delta-8 Gummies

We offer three separate Delta-8 Gummy options: Dreamcatcher for comfortable sleep with 20mg D8 and 5mg CBN, Warrior for revival with 20mg D8 and 5mg CBG, and Storyteller for a transforming journey with 25mg of Delta-8. Choose your course and enjoy the ride.

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How Much Delta-8 is Equivalent to 10mg Delta-9?

Our results show that Delta-8 is roughly 2.5x -3x less powerful than Delta-9 THC. Therefore, your common 10mg Delta-9-THC gummy is roughly the equivalent to a 25mg Delta-8 product.

How Does Delta-8 Affect You?

When opposed to the powerful high induced by Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC is a gentler form. Many THC users prefer Delta-8 since it is gentle and puts them in a tranquil condition. In their opinion, it gives a gentle high and induces calm in users, as compared to Delta-9 THC, which may cause anxiety, panic attacks, or paranoia. Non-experienced or infrequent users may find Delta-8 THC to be the ideal option for their needs.

What's the difference between your 3 Delta-8 Gummies

Three different gummy choices are offered by Two Hawk Extracts, each of which is created to meet a different requirement. The first mixture, dubbed "Dreamcatcher," comprises 5mg of CBN and 20mg of Delta-8. A non-psychoactive cannabinoid called CBN has been shown to encourage relaxation and enhance the quality of sleep. Dreamcatcher offers a strong blend when paired with Delta-8 that encourages a comfortable sense of body weight and a good night's sleep.

The second blend, "Warrior," also has 20mg of Delta-8 but substitutes 5mg of CBN for CBG. It has been demonstrated that the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBG interacts directly with the body to promote healing. Warrior offers a potent combination that aids the body in recovering from exercise when paired with Delta-8.

The final and strongest gummy option is dubbed "Storyteller," and each gummy contains 25mg of delta-8-THC. This blend is made for people who have higher tolerances or who want a stronger effect. For individuals seeking to rest and relax after a long day or for those who want a higher dosage for therapeutic effects, Storyteller does the job.