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The Ideal Cannabinoids To Get You High This Halloween

As All Hallows Eve approaches, you might be feeling a bit nervous about the spooky holiday festivities in store. Whether it be coming up with the perfect costume, hosting or attending a scary party with your friends, or simply avoiding the madness that comes with October 31st, there’s a real chance your stress levels will skyrocket. Thankfully, there are several ways to ensure you enjoy yourself while still remaining calm and in control. That’s right, we’re talking about the psychoactive cannabinoids that are not only legal, but can help alleviate your stress, elevate your mood, and even leave you in stitches with how much laughing you’ll do. In this article, we’ll be explaining how you can use four unique psychoactive cannabinoids in a variety of situations. Let’s begin!

Cannabis vs. Hemp vs. Weed…What’s the difference?

In short, cannabis is the mother plant that both hemp and marijuana come from. The difference lies in the total THC content. All hemp-derived cannabinoids must contain 0.3%THC to be considered legal on a federal level. Any cannabinoid-infused product that contains substantially more than that is most likely derived from marijuana. While marijuana continues to make impressive strides on the legal front, certain states maintain a strict enforcement of all hemp and cannabis consumption. Be sure to check your local state laws on what’s legal in the state where you reside (or travel to).

The Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids!

Now that you have a better understanding on how hemp differs from marijuana, you’re probably curious about the types of cannabinoid-infused products available to you. The market is filled with enticing products that range from inhalables to edibles, each unique in their own way. Edibles like softgels and gummies are great for beginners, but have a lengthy kick in time of anywhere from 30-90 minutes. The trade-off is that the high typically lasts for several hours. Inhalables, whether they be pre-rolls, vape cartridges, or disposables, will kick in after about 5-10 minutes. The duration of the high is usually around 1-2 hours, but can be extended by taking another few hits to extend the high.

There are many scenarios where you might want a little extra oomph in your witching hour festivities. We’ve outlined a few ways that we think getting high can improve your festivities. Regardless of which cannabinoid you choose, always start off with small dosages. The recommended dosage for beginners is about 5-15mg, while the intermediate users can stick with 15-30mg. Anything more than 30mg is considered a strong dose and may leave you feeling like you’ve joined the ghosts and ghouls as you drift away into the night sky.

Delta-8 THC

Arguably the most popular hemp-derived cannabinoid, Delta-8 THC is known for its calming effects that are great for quelling your nervousness while helping you feel calm and relaxed. Due to its relaxing effects, you may want to save Delta-8 THC for when you return home and need a way to slowly come down from a night of fun and settle into your nighttime routine.

How To Enjoy It

Delta-8 THC has many uses, but is excellent for “maxin’ and relaxin’.” If you’re worn out after traipsing around the neighborhood or finally getting home from a late night, Delta-8 THC can help you unwind. Since Delta-8 THC edibles take a while to kick in, you can take that time to wash off your costume makeup, put away your fake jewelry and costume accessories, and prepare yourself for a nice relaxing sleep. As a bonus, the soothing qualities of this cannabinoid can help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.


HHC was first created in the mid 1940s by a chemist named Roger Adams. While it might be a stretch to dub him a crazy mad scientist, this innovative chemist utilized his Harvard training to successfully hydrogenate a THC molecule to make it more stable. HHC is praised for its ability to make the user feel more upbeat and outgoing, thus making the more introverted partygoers the life of the party.

How To Enjoy It

One of HHC’s most beloved qualities is its ability to improve your mood. If you’re worried about not having a date for Halloween or nervous about not knowing what to talk about at a costume party, grab some HHC and enjoy the rich euphoria that follows! HHC can help boost your sense of humor, meaning ordinary things will seem much funnier than they actually are. For those who have a fear of scary movies or spooky late night events, HHC can help you laugh away the crazy!

Delta-9 THC

Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THC is simply hemp’s version of traditional marijuana. It’s considered to be comparable to the real thing while still being stronger than Delta-8 THC. If your friends urge you to partake in some of their weed-filled activities, now you have a federally legal alternative!

How To Enjoy It

Here at TwoHawk Extracts, we’ve got everything your heart desires: soft and chewy gummies, smooth vape cartridges and disposables, and easy to swallow disposables. When the ganja temptation inevitably pops up, you can safely indulge in the festivities while still enjoying the munchies, giggle fests, and more! If you’re planning on attending a haunted house, Delta-9 THC might be a be a way to increase the scariness while still allowing you to laugh and relax as you enjoy the high.


This completely synthetic cannabinoid is one of the most potent compounds on the market. Since it’s not found organically in the hemp plant, it undergoes a chemical processing to even exist. If you’re looking for a strong high that may prove to be even stronger than anything you’ve experienced, you’ve got to check out our full lineup of edibles and inhalables!

How To Enjoy

THC-O has a lot to offer, and what better way to experience the thrills and chills than with the intense high from this hemp-derived cannabinoid? Regardless if you’re looking to Netflix and chill or go full party animal on this All Hallow’s Eve, you’ll heartily enjoy the rich and euphoric high that comes from this potent compound.

Stay Safe!

While it can be tempting to consume copious amounts of food and drink, it’s strongly discouraged to pound alcoholic or energy drinks while high. Alcohol is a natural depressant and diuretic, meaning you may get high faster. Some other side effects can include feeling thirsty, going to the bathroom more frequently, increased dizziness, and disorientation. A common side effect is the munchies, which might be difficult to resist with all the mouthwatering treats and candies that come with Halloween. If you do decide to scarf down some fun-sized chocolates or finger foods, just be sure you drink plenty of water along with it!

Lastly, it’s crucial that you don’t attempt to operate machinery while you’re high. It’s unfortunate that many users feel that their driving skills improve while they’re high, but you’re not them. If you’re feeling the warm and toasty effects of your high but need to start heading home, your keys should be the last thing you reach for. We live in an age of technology, where a ride-sharing service is literally at your fingertips. Be wary about accepting rides from other people you aren’t that familiar with, as they may be too intoxicated without you realizing. When in doubt, see if you can crash on your friend’s couch until you sober up.


Hemp-derived cannabinoids are a great way to enjoy yourself on any day of the year, but with the excitement (or fearfulness) that comes along with this horror-inducing night, it’s only natural you’d want a way to live life to the fullest. Here at TwoHawk Extracts, we offer all sorts of products to bring out your inner witch or wizard. Our entire catalog of inhalables and edibles have been thoroughly tested by third-party independent labs to ensure purity and potency. Whether it be Delta-8 THC, Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THCHHC, or THC-O , we’re confident there’s something for everyone on our shelves! As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about any product we carry.

In our next article, we’ll be discussing whether or not it’s a good idea to consume caffeine while high. Energy during the day can be a good thing, but should you consume your favorite caffeinated beverage in tandem with your preferred psychoactive cannabinoid? Check back soon for the answer to this question and other in-depth topics regarding hemp-derived cannabinoids! We hope to see you there!

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