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The Five Most Common Types of Inhalables

Greetings, fellow cannabinoid lovers! Welcome back to another exciting article, one where we tackle commonly asked questions surrounding the fascinating world of cannabis and all it has to offer. You’ll remember in a previous article that cannabis is the mother plant, with hemp and marijuana being two unique distinctions of the cannabis plant. Hemp is classified as containing 0.3% THC or less, while marimuana contains a substantially higher (no pun intended!) percentage. The 2018 Farm Bill changed the world of cannabis as we once knew it, giving way to a plethora of psychoactive cannabinoids in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and strengths.

Yet with all these choices, how can one possibly decide? Our last article delved into a variety of edibles, ranging from chewy gummies, tinctures, softgels, and others. Edibles cater towards beginners, as they require no hardware and are a great way to familiarize yourself with the effects of whichever cannabinoid you’ve selected. Today’s article is for the more adventurous and advanced, with special attention given to those who prefer to inhale their cannabinoid of choice rather than digest it. We’ll be exploring the world of inhalables, unique in their own way. Let’s begin!

Why Inhalables?

Inhalables are extremely attractive due to their fast reaction time and their short-lived high. If you’re impatient to feel the effects or don’t have hours to spare, opting for an inhalable might be more appealing. There are several types of inhalables, some that require external hardware or more experience to use than others. We’ll start with some of the more user-friendly product types and dive headfirst into the more advanced options. Keep in mind that inhalables are best used by those with prior smoking or vaping knowledge. If you’re not used to acrid smoke or hard-hitting vapor, you may experience discomfort in the form of coughing, shortness of breath, sneezing, and others.

Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges are slim glass tubes that house an atomizer at one end and a drip-tip mouthpiece on the other. The cartridge base sports a 510-connection and screws into a specialized device called a vape battery. The tube is filled with an extremely thick and sticky liquid that is heated to a high temperature (typically measured in watts) and must ultimately pass through cotton built directly into the atomizer. The vape battery fires up to heat the liquid as it passes through the atomizer’s cotton and is transformed into a thin and wispy cloud of vapor. The drawback of vape cartridges is that you must have a vape battery to operate them, and the device must be charged in order to heat up the atomizer. Vape battery devices can range from the low price of $20 all the way up to $100+. Yet as long as the device features a 510 screw-in connection, you’ll be able to enjoy the vape cartridge for many days to come.

Disposable Vapes

Differing slightly from vape cartridges, disposable vapes offer a discreet way to enjoy your cannabinoid-of-choice on the go, without the need for external hardware. Rather, these devices are pre-charged and are often ready to use right out of the box. Some will come with a charging cable for extended use, whereas others will only last as long as the battery does. Disposable vapes are often slim enough to slip into a purse or pocket and have a small window to see how much liquid remains in the chamber. The drawback of disposable vapes is that you (more often than not) won’t have any idea how much battery remains. Unless you have the rechargeable type and are willing to carry a charging cable with you, you’re pretty much at the mercy of the battery. Once the battery dies, you should properly dispose of the device before grabbing a fresh one. Some disposable vapes are recyclable, so be sure to check the product’s packaging before chucking it into a trash can.


Pre-rolls are exactly what they sound like: pre-rolled joints that are ready to use right out of the box. Aside from a lighter, you won’t need any external hardware to use a pre-roll. Pre-rolls can come in a glass jar or paper box with multiple quantities or may only contain a single one. There are a few drawbacks when it comes to pre-rolls. Some may use Raw rolling paper or other name-brands, whereas others won’t mention a specific brand. Most pre-rolls will come covered in aromatic kief for an extra boost of flavor, which can in turn make them messy once you take them out of their packaging. Depending on how long the pre-roll has been left sitting, you may end up with a gnarly mess of gummy paper and sticky residue. If you do select pre-rolls, make sure you keep them away from heat to avoid premature expiration.


For all our do-it-yourselfers, flower is the most basic of all the inhalables. Flower is simply CBD flower that has been infused with a specific cannabinoid. Beware of brands that advertise natural or organic Delta-8 and 9, HHC, or THC-O flower, as no such thing exists. Your flower will most likely come in a resealable pouch that contains the stems, leaves, and flower. You will need to strip the flower of the seeds and stems before using a grinder to transform the loose flower into a finely ground pile. The pile of ground flower can be stuffed into an empty cigarette cartridge, added to a bowl or pipe, rolled into joints, or poured into an herbalizer.

The freedom of expression that comes with using fresh buds is unsurpassed. You can make a joint as fat or skinny as you want, take a break to enjoy a quick smoke session with a bowl or pipe, or use an herbalizer for a joint-free experience (though that last one can cost you upwards of $100+). In order to maximize your experience with flower, you’ll have to have prior knowledge of grinding and rolling, as well as the tools to create a joint. The drawback with flower is that herbalizers, bowls, grinders, pipes, and rolling paper can add up to be somewhat expensive initially. Yet the power that comes with creating a product that’s perfect for you is pretty much unbeatable.

Dab Syringes - The Honorable Mention

Though not quite as popular as the options listed above, dabs are a great way to enhance your smoke session with (drumroll please) a dab! Dabs come in the form of a small plastic syringe that might look intimidating to some, but don’t worry. These small syringes aren’t sharp enough to puncture the skin; in fact, you’ll have to heat up the thick oil within before you can even use them. Something as simple as a blowdryer will work, although some of our pyromaniac users will be tempted to grab a lighter or blowtorch (which may very well melt the plastic tip entirely). Dab syringes are designed to magnify the experience you get with a regular pre-roll or joint by adding a bit of the viscous oil right onto the tip. Aside from needing to be heated before use, the drawback of dabs is that you’ll have to smoke the joint or pre-roll fairly quickly after dabbing, as the liquid can cause the paper to become gummy and soggy.


You did it! You have officially learned about the more advanced types of cannabinoid-infused products known as inhalables. As you inhale the vapor, the cannabinoid in the vapor is absorbed directly into your bloodstream via your lungs. The complete bypassing of your digestion system allows the effects to kick in extremely quickly, albeit only lasting for about an hour or so. For most of these product types, you will need external hardware and some prior knowledge (or at least be around someone who does) on how to prepare the product type.

While it’s true that all five of these product types cater to the smokers and vapers, anyone can enjoy them with perseverance and patience. If you’re ready to take the plunge into the wonderful world of inhalables, be sure to check out our beautiful selection of disposable vapes, available in Delta-8 THC, Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THC, HHC, and THC-O. Our next article will focus more on our honorable mention: dabs! If you’ve seen this product before but have no idea how to use them, be sure to check in with us soon for this and other information about the exciting world of cannabis. We hope to see you there!

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