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The Best Drinks To Try When You're High

Cannabis and psychoactive compounds offer a deeply relaxing way to get high and leave your stress behind. As you sink into a soothing euphoria, you may experience a number of effects that may either enhance your high or make it less than enjoyable. In our last article, we talked about munchies and how to satisfy your cravings with a variety of foods. Today’s article will focus on another side effect of cannabis: dry mouth (also called cotton mouth). If you’re curious what beverages to knock back while enjoying your high, keep reading to see our list of beverages that made the cut! But before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at what causes dry mouth and how to manage it.

What Is CottonMouth?

Xerostomia, better known as dry mouth or "cotton mouth", is a side effect that is extremely common with cannabis use. It usually presents as an unquenchable thirst and can be accompanied by a dry sticky feeling in the mouth that stubbornly remains even after drinking copious amounts of water or other beverages. We’ll be exploring in-depth what strains cause cotton mouth and how to prevent it in future articles, but dry mouth is caused by a shortage of saliva in your mouth. After any cannabis usage, whether it be hemp or marijuana products, there are a number of cannabinoids that slow down your parasympathetic nervous system. The signals that are normally sent to your brain to produce nearly 75% of saliva production are essentially told to reduce production, resulting in a dry sticky sensation that makes you feel cotton mouthed and thirsty.

Delightful Drinks To Down When You’re High

There is no shortage of beverages to sip on when you’re thirsty, but there are several flavorful varieties that will feel magnificent on your palate once you start feeling high. Here’s our list of favorite drinks that we recommend you sample whenever you start feeling a bit parched.


Obviously, water is a no-brainer to drink when you’re high. Yet there’s so much more to water than just a clear flavorless liquid. Instead of reaching for regular water, try sipping on water that comes with a hint of fruit flavor. If you like bubbles, we highly recommend sipping on some seltzer water, especially ones that are infused with refreshing fruit essences. There are also seltzers mingled with real fruit juice that can deliver a jolt of flavor to your taste buds right when you need it!


In continuing with carbonated beverages, you’ll experience a refreshing sip of heaven upon knocking back a few bubbly soda pops. Classic cola, root beer, orange creme, ginger ale, lemon-lime, and grape all find their way into your glass, ready and waiting to vanquish your cotton mouth into a mere memory. Just make sure not to consume and THC-infused sodas by mistake, as the additional THC can kick your high into extremely intense and possibly uncomfortable levels.

Fruit Smoothie

There’s something magical about blended fruit in a bottle, and thankfully there are many brands that offer this type of beverage. If you lean more towards a creamier texture, opt for a smoothie that uses bananas for a thick and sweet flavor. You can choose to purchase these smoothies premade or create your own in a kitchen blender.


A certain convenience store has cornered the market when it comes to making exquisite drinks crafted with crushed ice and sweet colored syrup. These drinks are smooth enough to swallow without chewing the ice, but cold enough to keep you hydrated even on the hottest of days. Slushies usually come with a large straw that makes it easy to down a sizable gulp without thinking twice. If you’re high as a kite and looking for something cold and refreshing to conquer your cotton mouth, we highly recommend snagging your own red or blue slurpee ASAP!



While we’re on the topic of creamy, we mustn’t forget about the perfect creamy beverage: milkshakes! Decadent ice cream and fresh milk blended together will undoubtedly send your taste buds into overdrive. While you can easily get milkshakes from a fast food joint or a specialized ice cream shop, milkshakes can be made conveniently at home too! Simple grab a blender, a few scoops of your favorite ice cream and a generous helping of milk, and voila! Feel free to add in your favorite toppings like candy, fruit, nuts, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, cookies, and so much more. Your screams for ice cream have finally been answered!

Drinks With Texture

This category might earn a few raised eyebrows, but you might be surprised at how well your taste buds react to these beverage types. Bubble tea offers a delightful chewable surprise with the fruit jellies and tapioca balls that bounce around on the bottom of the cup. Orange juice with pulp allows you to chew and drink at the same time. Certain fruit beverage brands add in generous amounts of chia-seeds, which, as a result of soaking up the fruit juice, inflate to chewable gelatinous delights.

Fruit Juice

Despite all of the fruit-flavored juices out there, your taste buds will swoon when 100% fruit juices are imbibed. Pure pomegranate, refreshing apple, tangy pineapple juice, tart cranberry, the choices are literally endless! If full fruit juices aren’t an option, you can also go for the popular white grape juice, sweet lemonades, mixed fruit juices, and whatever bottles of fruit juices line the shelves at your closest supermarket.

Chocolate Milk

Whether you like your chocolate milk ice cold or heated with marshmallows, you can’t go wrong with this classic childhood delight. For those who like the chilled version, chocolate syrup vigorously stirred into a cold glass of milk is a quick and easy option. If you’re looking for a warming sensation deep in your chest, hot chocolate is a quick fix that only requires a few minutes of prep time. Many hot chocolate options come in small pouches, instant-coffee cup options, or you can simply pop your chocolate syrup and milk creation in the microwave. You have the option to use water or milk with the small pouches, but water doesn’t quite have the same creamy texture as milk does. Feel free to add in your own creative flavors like whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, cinnamon sticks, etc.; the world is yours!

Teas and Chais

Did you know that “chai” actually translates into “tea” in other languages? For whatever reason, there is a clear distinction between the two in American culture, but both are equally flavorful. The hot versions of teas and chais can be wholesome and comforting on a brisk fall afternoon or a cold winter night. The iced versions are heavenly in the midst of a heat wave or particularly warm morning. Grab one from your friendly neighborhood barista, snag one from your local deli, or create your own from tea bags/chai powder to ensure this mouthwatering treat tickles your taste buds with every sip.


Cotton mouth is one of the more unpleasant side effects of cannabis, whether you’re consuming psychoactive cannabinoids or actual weed. Yet with these enticing beverage recommendations, you can enjoy your high to the fullest with a trusty drink readily available to quench your thirst.

These suggestions are merely a stepping stone to all the refreshing options available to you. However, it is not recommended to mix caffeinated beverages (i.e. coffee and energy drinks) or alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, hard liquor, hard seltzer, etc.) with any cannabis product. We’ll go into detail on why in future articles, but you should have ample options with the list of beverages outlined here today. Feel free to share your experiences with your favorite beverages you drink while high in the comments below!

If you’re still searching to find your preferred psychoactive cannabinoid product, we have a lovely assortment of Delta-8 THC and Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THCHHC, and THC-O products. Not sure about something mentioned in this article or have questions about cannabis in general? Wonderful! Our team of experts are well-versed in the ways of the hemp plant and would be delighted to offer guidance to those looking for answers. Be sure to check back soon for articles about psychoactive cannabinoids and other frequently asked questions surrounding this fascinating plant. See you again soon!

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