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Stoned Sex: How Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life!

Have you ever seen the movie Can’t Hardly Wait? If so, you're probably familiar with the famous scene where an exchange student loudly declares the recently-taught phrase, “I am a sex machine!” Sex has evolved from merely a way to populate the earth to an intimate and highly pleasurable experience between two (or more!) individuals. Add a spot of cannabis to the mix and discover an incredibly euphoric way to enhance your sex life in ways you never thought possible. In this article, we’ll be discussing how cannabis can improve your sex life, an explanation as to why that happens, and of course, some recommended product types that promise a climax like you’ve never even dreamed of. Toss aside that intimidating book of sex positions, light some candles to set the mood, and prepare that sexy trail of rose petals all the way to the bedroom! But first, let’s take a brief detour and learn how cannabis and sex first made its appearance in the history books.

A Quickie Of A History Lesson

If you thought you loved sex, you’d better get in line behind the Ancient Greeks and Indians! The Greeks have a god specifically dedicated to the erect penis, known as Priapus. To gain an audience with or request advice from the high priestesses of Priapus, men were forced to undergo quite a process that would cleanse and “purify” them. This purification process involved a terrifying concoction that included alcohol, snake venom, ivy, and of course, cannabis. Upon imbibing this vile potion, the men sank to an intoxicating euphoria that deemed them worthy of Priapus’ priestesses.

In India, cannabis was regarded as sacred and had a special name given in The Vedas (the sacred Hindu texts) called “bhang.” Cannabis was praised as a “source of happiness, a joy-giver, and a liberator” and also has a god associated with it, known as Shiva. Cannabis was once thought to drive the inhabitants of India to insanity, but was later proven to be not only harmless in moderation, but encouraged as opposed to alcohol and stronger drugs. It is one of the oldest plants to be consumed for both religious and recreational use, especially tantric sex.

The history lesson of cannabis and sex is a fascinating one, and one we encourage you to read more about in your free time. But right now you’re probably wondering how cannabis makes a difference in your personal life, particularly in the bedroom. Cannabis alone can help reduce uneasiness, improve your sense of touch/smell/taste, and help you feel relaxed and comfortable. All of these things play a crucial role in bonding with your partner as well as attaining that highly sought-after orgasm. Let’s learn why cannabis can help with both the mental and the physical aspects of sex.

“Get Out Of My Head!”

For many people, sex is a physical act that doesn’t require much thinking. For others, there’s a constant barrage of thoughts that may prevent you from the ultimate pleasure of cumming. Worrisome questions like “Am I doing this right?” “I hope I don’t look weird in this position.” “What should I do differently?” and many more are all things that can prevent an individual from climaxing. This uneasiness can quickly remove the pleasure aspect and make it feel like a stressful chore that disconnects you from your partner.

Controlled moderate doses of cannabis can help you get out of your head and into the game, so to speak. Rather than stressing about the infinite ways you may spoil the entire experience, cannabis can help you enjoy yourself in the moment. Knowing that your partner is in cannabis heaven can help you feel like the gods of Greece and India from centuries past, and you’ll find yourself acting more and thinking less!

You Want To Do What?!

In addition to promoting mindfulness, cannabis also lowers inhibitions. Ever curious to try toys in the bedroom? How about light S&M (spanking, bondage, etc.) or even role playing? Things that might have sounded daunting while sober might seem exciting and daring while high. Your secret fantasies might not seem so intimidating when you’re high, and your partner may be more inclined to agree to whatever you’re suggesting. Thanks to the cannabis plant, stoned sex may offer a way to just be yourself and ask for what you want without feeling shy or guilty.

Cannabis consumption is ideal for masturbation too. If you’ve got (or want) some alone time to become more familiar with your body, cannabis is a great way to experiment on yourself (literally). Without the shocked gaze of your partner or the pressure of finishing first, stoned sex can help you become more comfortable with your body and can help you pinpoint what helps you get off. Sober you might shun the idea of using a sex toy, but high you may become curious and eager to try out something new. As you learn what you like (or dislike), you may come up with new ways to have fun between the sheets for both yourself and your partner.

Give It To Me, Baby (Uh Huh, Uh Huh!)

The THC in cannabis delivers a delightful infusion of euphoria into your high, causing you to find pleasure in the most mundane things. In two previous articles entitled “Creative Things To Try When You’re High” (indoor and outdoor versions), we outlined some fun-filled activities that are even more pleasurable while high. Just as listening to music, watching a movie, or reading a book can seem enthralling while high, the same goes for sexual escapades.

Regardless if you prefer classic missionary, butthole pleasures, rusty trombones, or the dirty sanchez (40-Year Old Virgin, anyone?), the act of sex becomes powerful and pleasurable for all parties involved. The enhanced sense of touch will make the lightest of kisses feel magical, while the tingling body high will have you swooning in pleasure overload. Additionally, the enhanced sense of taste can encourage you to bring sex-themed food into the bed. Chocolate sauce, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and even ice cubes can tantalize your taste buds while bringing your partner into an electric euphoria. The enhanced sense of smell will have you obsessed with your partner’s scent or the wafting notes of a freshly lit candle. An enhanced sense of sound can make your partner’s soft moans and other erotic noises seem like the finest music your ear has ever heard.

One incredibly overlooked side effect of cannabis is that it is a vasodilator: it increases blood flow! This allows orgasms to feel powerful and intense, perhaps more so than usual. While an orgasm isn’t a requirement for good sex, it certainly makes the act more pleasurable for both parties. Cannabis (and even CBD) can also help you feel more comfortable if you’re prone to feeling physical discomfort during sex.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis has a variety of uses that can make daily activities more enjoyable. Stoned sex is one such pleasurable activity and can help you enjoy the throes of passion like never before. Aside from releasing your inner badass, stoned sex can help you relax and enjoy the heat of the moment. If you find yourself stressing about sex before or during the act, cannabis can help you focus on the now. Cannabis helps lower your inhibitions, can help you feel more confident, and enhances your senses in delightful new ways. Lastly, cannabis is a fantastic vasodilator and can help you experience stronger, more intense pleasure in comparison to regular sex. Keep in mind that while cannabis can be a great compliment to bedroom fun, it’s not a requirement for good sex and should be used in moderate amounts. Start off slowly (5-10mg) until you figure out what works for you!

If you’re ready to get high and get laid, you’re in luck! Here at TwoHawk Extracts, we offer a fine selection of products that will transport you into euphoria in a matter of minutes! If you’re looking for an extended foreplay, check out our collection of gummies and softgels. Edibles take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to kick in, so you’ll have plenty of time to sink into the warm and fuzzies. If you’re impatient to get to the love-making part of your day/night, our disposable vapes and vape cartridges are ideal as they offer a 5-10 minute start time and will last about an hour or so. Last (but certainly not least!), our tinctures offer a cozy middle ground that typically kick in around the 45-minute mark. Our products span quite a few cannabinoids (Delta-8 THC, Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THC, HHC, and THC-O) and have been subjected to rigorous testing by third-party independent labs to ensure purity and potency. We’d love to hear how our products made a difference in your sex life, so don’t be shy…drop a comment below! Check back soon for our next article, where we’ll be discussing 5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Stay Active. We look forward to seeing you there!

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