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Hotboxing: What Is It and Does It Work?

Cannabis smokers are quite familiar with the term “hotboxing.” Back in the days, a group of rowdy friends would pile into another friend’s parked car, light up a fat joint, and fill up the car with that pungent skunky odor and just zen. With all the car windows rolled up, it’s thought that everyone gets REALLY high, REALLY fast. But is this actually what happens? Why do people choose hotboxing instead of simply smoking a joint outside? Is it legal? The answers to all these questions shall be answered in the following paragraphs. But before we get to that, let’s take a closer look at what hotboxing actually is.

Hotboxing: What Is It?

Hotboxing simply refers to any smoking session that takes place in a small unventilated (or often poorly ventilated) space. While we generally associate hotboxing to mean a car, you can also opt for a closet, basement, shed, garage, or even a bathroom. Just make sure there aren’t any smoke detectors located within that space, as you probably don’t want to hear the shrill alarm going off while you’re high!

The idea behind hotboxing is that the trapped smoke circulates and has nowhere to go. In addition to smoking and exhaling, the secondhand smoke is thought to get you even higher and at a much faster rate. Most of us are familiar with the practice even if we’ve never done it, and it’s almost comical to think of how many people have participated in “hotboxing” prior to us hearing the term.

Fun fact: the first recorded instance of “hotboxing” is described by the Greek historian Herodotus. He gives great detail on how equestrian warriors known as the Scythians would throw cannabis onto hot stones in their closed tents. The smoke would quickly permeate the tent’s airspace and would leave the Sycthians in a state of ecstasy, often eliciting sounds of delight from those caught up in the blissful euphoria. The Greeks were horrified by these actions, calling them barbaric and uncouth.

What Drives People To Hotbox?

Like a moth to a flame, cannabis consumers hotbox to get high. Specifically, to get REALLY high. The secondhand smoke serves a double dose as opposed to just taking a direct hit: exhale cannabis smoke and inhale the lingering cloud of cannabis smoke.

Another reason some consumers seek out hotboxing sessions is to hang out, get high, but never take a drag of the joint. If you’re looking to get high without ever taking a hit, hotboxing offers that unique benefit. You won’t have to “puff, puff, pass” but can still enjoy the company of your fellow cannabis lovers.

Some people make a game out of hotboxing: how much smoke can you fit into the room? Which produces more smoke, a bowl or a bong or a joint? How deep of a drag can you take before coughing to exhale? How fast does it take to get high without taking any hits? The games are endless and all you need is an enclosed space!

Is There Any Proof That Hotboxing Gets You Higher?

When it comes to cannabis, it’s always interesting to see if there are studies that back our theories. It’s always been assumed that hotboxing gets you higher, but there’s actually a study from 2015 that proves it. The study was conducted at John Hopkins University by researchers determined to settle the argument once and for all. They collected a group of twelve and separated them into two groups: six smokers and six non-smokers. All twelve were ushered into a small unventilated enclosure, and the six smokers were instructed to smoke ten joints in an hour. The same conditions were duplicated in a room that had ventilation. The end result is one you’ve probably already predicted: the six non-smokers confirmed feeling high in the enclosed unventilated space as opposed to the well-ventilated room. Shocking, right? Well, not really, but it goes to show that hotboxing is an actual phenomenon that occurs when no or poor ventilation exists.

Should You Hotbox?

While the idea of hotboxing might excite you, keep in mind that not everyone feels the same way. Law enforcement may view hotboxing as a variety of crimes (especially when done in a car on public/private property that isn’t yours): loitering, disturbing the piece, public intoxication, driving under the influence, trespassing, and any number of violations. If you’re going to hotbox, be mindful of those who may come across you. If you’re hotboxing at a party or even in your house, check to confirm that this is okay with the homeowner and any tenants/roommates. Since cannabis has an unmistakable odor, some people may take deep offense at the smell and behavior of you and your peers. Lastly, while hotboxing thrives on little to no ventilation, your body does not! If you feel yourself getting just a bit too high, excuse yourself to get some fresh air or open a window to help clear out the hazy fog. All’s fun and games until someone gets sick or passes out.

Final Thoughts

Hotboxing has been around for centuries as a method of spiritual enlightenment, increased pleasure, and as a way to have fun. While some may view it as barbaric and slovenly, others view it as a way to kick back and relax with friends. Researchers have studied hotboxing and concluded that this method works to get non-smokers high without ever taking a puff! That alone might encourage those wary of smoking and coughing to get high while avoiding the actual act of smoking. Lastly, be mindful of when and where you choose to hotbox; just because you enjoy it doesn’t mean everyone else that shares the same space will appreciate the huge plume of cannabis smoke and remaining odor.

Here at TwoHawk Extracts, we’re all about getting high and enjoying the blissful euphoria that follows. We carry a full lineup of products that are sure to delight consumers across the country, featuring hemp-derived cannabinoids like Delta-8 THC, Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THCHHC, and THC-O. For those looking to hotbox, check out our full collection of disposable vapes and vape cartridges. If you’re not quite ready for the hotbox vaping session, we also carry silky tinctures and edibles like softgels and gummies. Each of our products are backed by our purity and potency guarantee, something we can prove with our lab test results conducted by third-party independent labs. You can view these results by clicking on the embedded link in each product description or by scanning the QR code stamped on the product’s packaging.

Join us in our next article as we discuss what hashish (shortened to “hash”) is and how it relates to the wonderful world of cannabis. We look forward to seeing you again soon; until then, let us know if you used any of our products to hotbox and share your experiences with the rest of us! 

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