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Can I Have Caffeine While High?

Caffeine is a delightful stimulant that has managed to invade our daily lives with little to no exception. Whether you down two cups of coffee before noon, rely on a sugary energy drink to get you into first gear, or nosh on a chocolate bar after lunch, caffeine is often a determining factor in how much gets done in a day. But at some point you’ve probably wondered, “Can I have caffeine while high?” Cannabis is an intriguing drug because it can be classified as a depressant, stimulant, or hallucinogen. We’ve been taught that certain drugs shouldn’t be had together, particularly energy drinks and alcohol, but what about cannabis and caffeine? Let’s take a closer look at how these two interact with each other and whether or not they should be consumed together.

Are Caffeine and Cannabis Counteractive?

Caffeine is a known stimulus but when it comes to defining cannabis, there’s a bit of a gray area in knowing how to classify it. As such, there’s not a lot of research that we can draw from in our overall answer. The research that is available suggests that there may be a different effect than when the two are consumed separately.

If you’re looking for energy, chances are you’ll gravitate towards the traditional products like energy drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate, and concentrated caffeine drinks in small bottles. You probably won’t reach for any cannabis product and think “hey, this will give me the jolt I need!” In short, you’ll probably reach for cannabis as a way to relax and treat yourself to a lazy euphoria.

Some consumers speculate that if consumed together, caffeine might make you feel less lethargic and drowsy. Others feel that the couch-lock from cannabis might make you feel completely unwilling to work, but the caffeine will have your mind racing and leave you frustrated that you’re unable to enjoy the high. We can only hope that more research will become available to confirm the validity of either assumption.

What Happens If You Do Consume Both At Once?

When presented with a difficult question in regards to human nature, we often turn to animal studies. One such study in 2014 observed how squirrel monkeys reacted when given THC and MSX-3 (gives similar effects of caffeine), with the option to self-administer additional THC. The study found that monkeys who were given low doses of MSX-3 chose to give themselves less amounts of THC. Additionally, the monkeys that were given high doses of MSX-3 opted for larger amounts of THC. While this study has yet to be duplicated on humans, the evidence suggests that low levels of caffeine may compliment your low levels of THC, whereas high levels of caffeine may cause you to up your overall consumption of THC.

Will Consuming Caffeine and Cannabis Impair My Memory?

Caffeine is classified as a stimulant, which is why you may feel more alert and productive after consuming it. You may feel like your concentration and memory improves once you have that caffeine kick, leading you to feel like you can’t function efficiently without it. In contrast, cannabis, specifically weed, has a rap sheet for making you more forgetful and less inclined to remember things while high. These two effects are why many speculate that consuming the two may cancel each other out, but once again, there’s an animal study that contradicts this.

A study performed in 2012 looked into how caffeine and THC affected the memory of lab rats. The study found that rats who consumed low doses of THC and caffeine simultaneously experienced an impairment of working memory. In contrast, rats who were given high doses of THC only showed less memory impairment overall. Again, it’s difficult to make educated assumptions on how the effects would play out on humans instead of rats, but the study is useful for observational purposes. As such, it makes sense to assume that caffeine may impair your memory when taken in tandem with THC.

Are There Any Known Risks of Consuming Caffeine & Cannabis?

There have yet to be any reported adverse risks or side effects when caffeine and cannabis are consumed together. Yet just because it hasn’t been reported doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t ever happen. Both caffeine and cannabis are known to affect consumers differently. For example, caffeine may cause some to feel jittery and uncomfortable while others are comfortable consuming a full cup of coffee right before bed with no side effects. Additionally, some cannabis consumers are comfortable with using their favorite products during the day while others strictly reserve their THC consumption for nighttime activities. How your body reacts to either cannabis or caffeine is often unique to you.

If you’re determined to try the two, be aware of a few things. First and foremost, always start small with both cannabis and caffeine, preferably with lower amounts of both. The last thing you want is an overwhelmingly strong high and frenzied nature. Secondly, allow for enough time to pass before increasing your dosages. Most edibles have a kick-in time of 45+ minutes while inhalables can take effect in as little as 10 minutes. Giving yourself enough time to adjust may help you transition into a smooth yet comfortable high. Lastly, be meticulous in how much you consume of both. If you’ve got a full can of your favorite energy drink on ice, it may be tempting to take sips in between puffs of your vape pen. Pay attention to how much you consume and how frequently in a specified time frame.

Caffeine is known for some pretty rough side effects that include rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and joint sensitivity. If you consume any type of caffeine pills or powder, there’s even a risk of fatality if taken in large quantities. The important thing to remember is to listen to your gut. Be mindful of any strange side effects and don’t be afraid to contact your primary care physician if you start to feel any unwanted effects. These unwanted effects are most likely not life threatening, but a racing heart and exacerbated uneasiness can lead to a wildly unpleasant high.

Final Thoughts

It’s unfortunate that we do not have a simple yes or no answer to the question of whether or not cannabis and caffeine should be consumed together. We can draw educated guesses based on the results of animal studies, largely that mixing the two can lower the potency of weed consumption. Consuming both THC and caffeine may lead you to use more THC over time to achieve the same effects, but again, these are simply speculations. What we do know is that both caffeine and THC affect the consumer differently. Just because one person is able to tolerate and enjoy both does not equate to identical results across the board. We can only hope that more studies are developed and published to help us better understand how cannabis and caffeine affect the same consumer at the same time. If you do choose to combine the two, be sure to start off with very low amounts, keep track of how much of each you consume, and chart your experiences to help you know better for next time.

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