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Best Ways To Use Live Resin

In our previous article, we outlined exactly what live resin is and how it differentiates from other cannabis concentrates. In this article, we’ll be discussing some ways to use live resin. Live resin comes pre-loaded into products that are ready to use right out of the box (i.e., vape carts and disposables) or as an add-on to your favorite pre-rolls and hand-rolled flower joints. Regardless of how you choose to enjoy live resin, there are a few things to mention before we get into the best ways to consume it. We’ll start off with a brief refresher of what live resin is, when it became popular, and the plethora of benefits that come with using it. Let’s begin!

What Is Live Resin

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate derived from freshly-frozen plant material that has undergone a solvent extraction to become viable. The method of using freshly frozen plants and safe solvents allows the terpenes and trichomes to stay intact, thus resulting in a complex terpene profile that delivers the rich scent and flavor of the original plant. While there are other cannabis concentrates on the market, live resin is heralded for its affordability and rich flavor. Feel free to read more about live resin in our article entitled What Is Live Resin? but right now, it’s time to dive into some more unique topics regarding live resin, specifically, when it became popular.

When Did Live Resin Become Popular?

The innovation regarding any cannabis product is a fascinating one, but live resin offers a uniqueness that truly deserves the spotlight. The origins of live resin aren’t that old when compared to the centuries of popularity that hemp has enjoyed. Live resin was first created less than a decade ago between 2011-2013. A man in Colorado called William Fenger (“Kind Bill” by his peers) founded a program known as “Giddy Up” with his EmoTek Labs company. Fenger developed a specialized extractor called BHO that was able to safely reach and hold extremely low temperatures steadily. This machine was used to safely preserve the terpenes within the freshly harvested cannabis plant, thus offering a wildly flavorful and aromatic substance that would soon capture the hearts of cannabis users across the country.

Best Ways To Use Live Resin

There are many ways to use live resin, whether it be available in a product specifically advertising live resin in its ingredient list or using it to naturally enhance the cannabinoid-infused product of your choice. Let’s go over a few ways that a live resin can enhance your use of inhalable products.

But Did You Dab?

Dabbing is probably the most common way to enjoy live resin, but it’s definitely an acquired skill. The art of dabbing requires a few tools before initial usage: a dab tool, a dab rig, a torch, a nail, or an e-nail/e-rig. The dab tool will help you scoop up the desired amount of live resin to be placed on a nail. This nail should have a scoop design to hold the live resin in place. The consistency of live resin can vary on several factors, but is usually quite viscous and sticky. If you do choose to dab with a dab rig, be sure you’re familiar with dabbing techniques prior to your initial attempt.

Dab Vape Pens & Carts

Similar to traditional box mod vapes, a dab vape is a handheld device that simplifies the dabbing process to be more travel-friendly. Dab vapes and pens have variable temperatures that allow you to fine tune the amount of heat necessary for use. You’ll need a dabber tool to scoop up the live resin into the device’s bowl or oven. Once that step is complete, simply fire up the device until the live resin has warmed up and inhale! Some manufacturers offer live resin in throw-away carts, making it even easier to enjoy the cannabis concentrate. You’ll need to give the disposable cartridge enough time to warm up once it’s on your device, but the process is more streamlined and allows you to puff on the live resin much quicker.

Top It Off!

Live resin can be “dabbed” onto your pre-existing joint or blunt (called pre-rolls), or you can dab some concentrate into your bowl for an extra kick of flavor. If you’re a fan of making your own joints and blunts, adding a touch of live resin can further enhance your smoking experience. The added boost of flavor and aroma will certainly make for a memorable experience, one you may want to continue enjoying on all future smoking sessions!

Is Live Resin Safe?

As with any psychoactive cannabinoid, it’s always important to consider the safety aspect of inhaling concentrates. The most important thing you can do as a consumer is to only purchase live resin (whether it be readily available in pre-infused products or dab-ready extract) from reputable sources. The manufacturer should be licensed, provide testing from third-party independent labs, and use premium extraction methods to formulate the extract. High quality brands will ensure all residual solvents have been purged from the final product, thus ensuring a safe and enjoyable use.

Live resin that has been obtained legally through reputable sources can be highly enjoyable for those who use inhalable products. Note that last part…inhalable products. Live resin is not intended nor recommended to be orally consumed. It should only be used with a dab rig, vape pen that can support dabbing, or dabbed onto a pre-roll or handmade joint/blunt. Due to its nature, live resin is quite potent and should only be dabbed in small quantities. Remember to start off with small amounts and gradually increase that amount until the desired results are achieved. Using too much may result in an overwhelming high that may be enjoyable in the beginning but become uncomfortable as the high progresses.

Are There Benefits Of Using Live Resin?

We’ve spoken about what live resin is and the best ways to use it. One of the most frequently asked questions is in regards to the benefits of using this particular cannabis concentrate. There are actually several benefits to be gained from using live resin:

Better Flavor

If you’re enamored with the rich flavor of fresh terpenes and absolutely love the aroma that wafts off from fresh bud, live resin might be your new best friend! Live resin utilizes freshly picked hemp that is immediately frozen after harvesting, thus preserving the plant’s natural aroma and flavor. Live resin users can enjoy the authentic flavor and scent of the original plant, just in a concentrated form.

Strong High

Live resin promises an intense high with very little product, making it a beloved favorite in the cannabis community. Just a small dab onto pre-rolls and freshly-rolled joints will result in quite a potent high. The complex terpene profile and additional compounds found in the live resin contribute to the theory of an entourage effect, meaning that more benefits are available since more of the plant is being used. Be sure to start off with small amounts until you have a better understanding of how live resin affects you.

Easy On Your Pockets

While live resin used to be regarded as an expensive luxury, it is now one of the more affordable forms of cannabis extracts on the market. Here’s why. Since hemp farmers need only freeze the plants immediately after harvest, they do not need to devote considerable time and energy for the drying, curing, and trimming process. The entire hemp plant is simply harvested, frozen, and shipped off to the extractor. This allows for a considerable drop in time spent making the product, labor involved in readying it for market, and of course, money spent to make the product viable. The result is an affordable and highly-effective concentrate that smokers and vapers are sure to love.

Should I Use Live Resin?

The decision on whether or not to use live resin rests solely with the user. If you’re familiar with smoking or vaping already, there is very little effort required to use live resin. Granted, you’ll need some sort of dab tool to smear the live resin onto your joint or pre-roll, but the end result has been praised by countless cannabis users.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with inhalables and how to properly use them, you may struggle initially to use live resin properly. It’s recommended to speak with your health care professional before embarking on a new form of cannabis, and this holds true for live resin as well. If you already possess a dispensary card or prescription for medicinal marijuana, most dispensaries can recommend a live resin product for you in-house. Try to observe someone who currently uses cannabis extracts so they can assist you in your efforts and correct your errors.


Live resin can be used in a variety of ways, either by using a tool dedicated for cannabis concentrates or by consuming a product that already contains live resin. There are tools required to properly use live resin and you should have some basic knowledge of vaping or smoking before you attempt to use it. Live resin is designed to be heated and inhaled; it should never be consumed orally or sublingually. Live resin offers a way for cannabis users to enhance their current high, as the extract contains a stronger flavor of terpenes and compounds similar to the original plant. The decision to use live resin rests solely upon the user, but is fairly easy to incorporate into established smoking/vaping routines.

Not quite ready to try live resin for the first time? No problem! Here at TwoHawk Extract, we offer a variety of vape cartridges, disposables, gummies, tinctures, and softgels that will get you high in no time! We carry Delta-8 THC, Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THCHHC, or THC-O for all your psychoactive cannabinoid pleasures. All of our products have been rigorously tested by third-party independent labs for purity and potency, the results of which are embedded in each product description as well as printed right on the product packaging via a scannable QR code. Still have questions or concerns? Let us know! You can reach out to us via our online form or directly by email address. We look forward to hearing from you!

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