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An easy guide to choosing the right cannabinoid-infused product

In our last article, we went into great detail on how to choose the correct cannabinoid. This article is the follow up for such a decision: how to choose the right product! We briefly mentioned some of the available products in closing as a means of whetting your curiosity to learn more. If you feel confident in your cannabinoid selection, great! It’s time for the next step.

This article will serve as an easy guide to choosing the right cannabinoid-infused product, which is no small task. There is an overwhelming selection of products to choose from. But before you break out in a cold sweat, remember that the point of consuming these cannabinoids is to relieve stress, not exacerbate it. Just keep calm and read on to see how simple it can be to incorporate a cannabinoid into your everyday life.

You’ve Chosen Your Preferred Cannabinoid. Now What?

By now you’ve probably decided on a cannabinoid that is either psychoactive or non-psychoactive. Hooray! There are literally thousands of products available that are sure to uplift your spirits and improve your mental well-being in a surprisingly short period of time. We’ve broken the products down into respective categories, and we’ll also mention some ways to use them. Some categories are better suited for first-time/inexperienced users, but feel free to select a product from any one of these categories. The choice is quite literally yours!


Edibles are by far the easiest product to consume because there is no special equipment needed and the dosages are pre-determined by the manufacturer (usually listed on the product packaging or company website). Edibles usually come in the form of soft and chewy gummies or easy-to-swallow capsules.

If you’re going with a non-psychoactive edible, you can easily incorporate them into your daily vitamin regimen or nighttime routine.You won’t feel any instant results, but rather a noticeable improvement over an extended period of time.

For psychoactive edibles, it will take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to feel the effects. The effects of edibles take the longest to start, but the high itself can last for several hours. It’s recommended to take psychoactive edibles with food, either a small snack or a full meal. Since the edible will be digested with the food, the ensuing high will be smoother and more gradual.


Sublingual products are designed to be placed under the tongue and absorbed into the bloodstream. This method is much faster than edibles, as it bypasses the digestive system completely. Tinctures are the most common form of sublingual products, but dissolvable oral strips are also entering this space. Dosage amounts for sublingual tinctures will usually depend on the strength of the cannabinoid used within the entire bottle, but will range between ½ or a full dropper full.

Non-psychoactive sublingual products are perfect for morning or evening use and are available in various flavors such as mint chocolate, orange, menthol, natural hemp, and others. While some users prefer to drizzle tinctures onto their food or into their drink, this method greatly reduces the bioavailability and isn’t as effective.

Psychoactive sublinguals are a popular option because the effects kick in quicker than edibles (anywhere from 20-45 minutes) and the high itself may last just as long. THC-infused tinctures are great for evening use as a way to relax after a long and stressful day, whereas dissolvable oral strips are ideal for impatient users.


This category is usually limited to non-psychoactive cannabinoids and comes in the form of serums, creams, and lotions. They can be applied to sore muscles and aching joints for quick relief, or incorporated into a nighttime skincare routine. Topical products may be scented with comforting scents like lavender, mint, or natural hemp. Topicals are absorbed into your skin and do not ever enter your bloodstream, making them ideal for users who are cautious about THC content in their body.


Vape cartridges, smokeable flower, and disposables are all forms of inhalable products. These types of products are best used by individuals with some prior knowledge of vaping or smoking. You’ll usually need some external hardware to use these devices, whether it be rolling papers, a grinder, or a vape battery. Depending on how long of a hit and how deeply you inhale can result in some coughing fits and tightening in your chest, but this is normal. You may want to keep a drink handy to help alleviate any discomfort you may experience.

Inhalables are beloved by smokers and vapers of all levels for how quickly the effects begin to kick in. Since the vapor/smoke is inhaled directly into your lungs, the cannabinoid can bypass your digestive system completely and enter your bloodstream much more quickly than edibles and sublinguals.

Non-psychoactive inhalables won’t get you high, but they may make you relaxed or sleepy. Psychoactive cannabinoids will also make you relaxed and sleepy, but will also deliver a powerful high in as little as five minutes after your initial hit. The effects of inhalables are very short-lived, lasting for about an hour or so. For sativa-dominant strains, many users prefer to use these during the day, while indica strains are ideal for evening use. Hybrid strains are more of a wild card, so use your best judgment when consuming this particular option.


Drinkables are rapidly gaining in popularity amongst cannabinoid users, as the effects are fast-acting and the refreshment of a freshly chilled beverage is hard to beat! You may already have seen these types of products in convenience stores and gas stations, especially the non-psychoactive varieties. Waters, lemonades, colas, and shots are extremely common forms of drinkables, but there’s also powdered additives that can be stirred into a glass of water. The effects from psychoactive drinkables can hit as quickly as 30 minutes and can last for several hours. You can choose to enjoy these with a meal or all on its own, but most users will advise that the beverage be chilled before consuming.

Trust The Recommended Dosages

Whether you’re a newbie or a professional, dosages are nothing to sneeze at. If you’re trying a cannabinoid for the first time, always start off with the recommended dosages. New users are welcome to start with even less than that to let their bodies become acclimated to the effects. This goes for both psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Remember that you can always increase your dosage the next time. You should always consult your primary care physician before consuming any cannabinoid-infused product for the first time.

There probably isn’t much risk of consuming a heavy dose of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, but the phrase “too much of a good thing can become a bad thing” comes to mind. In contrast, taking too much of a psychoactive cannabinoid can have extreme adverse effects. You might feel extremely lethargic and drowsy, increased bouts of panic and uneasiness, and more. If you do happen to consume more than you intended, the most important thing you can do is to remain calm. Keep in mind that these effects are only temporary and will taper off in a few short hours.

Always Confirm the Presence Of Lab Results & Verify Them

Since there is currently no FDA approval required for cannabinoids, anyone can market a product as being potent and pure. To build consumer confidence and trust, reputable brands will subject their products to testing from third-party independent labs. These lab tests are time-consuming and expensive, but are necessary to prevent bias or altered results.

Unfortunately, the mere presence of lab tests isn’t enough. Some less-than-honorable brands will pirate legitimate results from other brands and doctor them to seem authentic. It’s strongly encouraged that you verify the lab results by calling up the lab, provide the batch number, and confirm the results listed are indeed for that specific product.

Don’t Let Price Be A Deciding Factor

You’re undoubtedly familiar with the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” This is true especially for cannabinoid-infused products. The time and expertise required to craft a premium product should be reflected in the price. Beware of prices that seem too good to be true, as the manufacturer may have stooped to low-grade materials in order to attract a larger clientele. If a price is a bit higher than you anticipated, consider looking for a lower cannabinoid concentration or check to see if sample sizes are available.


Here at Erth Hemp, our prices are competitively set to match those in the industry. Yet we strongly believe in supporting our community, which is why our premium hemp is locally grown and our cannabinoids are carefully extracted. Check out our sprawling selection of cannabinoids today, available in both psychoactive and non-psychoactive options. All of our products have been rigorously tested to ensure potency and purity, which we proudly list on both the product packaging and on our website. Browse our premium collection of delicious gummies, small gel capsules, silky tinctures, flavorful vapes, and so much more.

If you have questions about the information provided in this article or anything offered in our product catalog, let us know! We would be honored to share our knowledge with you and aid in the discovery of the ideal cannabinoid-infused product for you. We look forward to hearing which cannabinoid you chose and how it has helped make a positive impact in your everyday life.

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