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7 Ways To Help You Get Over A Hangover High

Have you ever enjoyed a deliciously euphoric high at night, only to wake up the following morning still feeling somewhat high? If so, you’re not alone. Many people argue whether or not these “hangover high” effects are real, but others swear that not only do they exist, but they are incredibly frustrating to deal with upon waking. Not much research is available on the topic (aside from a 1985 study, another study in 1990, and the most recent 2017 study) , but based on consumer’s reports, we’ve put together some ways to help combat the lingering effects of the previous night’s high in today’s article. For those lucky enough to have never experienced this, you may not quite understand what a hangover high is. Let’s briefly explain some of the symptoms of a hangover high and what products may encourage one.

A Hangover High: What Is It?

Also called a weed hangover, a hangover high is the phrase that refers to any effects that linger longer than normal (most likely into the following day). A hangover brought on by alcohol is not the same as one brought on by cannabis, making them slightly more tolerable. Symptoms of a hangover high can include grogginess (mental fog), lethargy/fatigue, headaches, dry eyes and mouth, and even mild nausea.

These symptoms may be more prominent if you consume alcohol or strong doses of cannabis. Crossfading and consuming more cannabis than is recommended can definitely result in some truly awful side effects the following day. You may experience a hangover high if it’s been a while since your last session, something known as marijuana withdrawal. This withdrawal phase can include bouts of insomnia, difficulty focusing, and mood swings.

Lastly, your body may not be familiar with the effects of cannabis and may take longer to process than the average consumer. The duration and intensity of your high will vary based on how much you consumed, how strong it was, and what type of product you consumed. Your high may also vary based on personal factors like age, weight, metabolism, and previous exposure to THC (if any). A cannabis high can last anywhere from 1-6 hours, which most manufacturers will warn of right on the label. If you’re still feeling the effects long after the estimated time frame has passed, you’ll just have to wait until the linger effects officially cease.

Do Certain Products Elicit A Hangover High?

Experiencing a hangover high can really sour your experience with a particular product. However, each person’s experience with a product is unique. You may feel the effects of a certain tincture long after someone else’s high has worn off. Just because you get a hangover high with a particular product doesn’t mean someone else will as well. If you tend to notice a pattern on which products and strengths can lead to a hangover high, you may want to steer clear of them or reduce the amount you consume in a single sitting.

Ways To Rid Yourself of A Pesky Hangover High

Just as with an alcohol-induced hangover, there’s not much you can do to eliminate any lingering effects from a hangover high. However, there are some things you can do as a means of dealing with it.

  • Drink water, and lots of it. One of the reasons for an alcohol-induced hangover is dehydration. This may hold true for cannabis hangovers as well. Make sure you’re properly hydrated before, during, and after your high. Since a common side effect of cannabis are dry mouth and red eyes, it’s always a good idea to keep a bottle of water handy throughout your high.
  • Treat yourself to a shower. There’s something incredibly refreshing about a steamy shower to open up your airways and get you ready to start the day. You can opt for a cold shower as well if you need help waking up, but the jarring chill may not be ideal if you're still wrestling with mental fog.
  • Eat a good breakfast. Your body had to process a psychoactive cannabinoid for several hours and is likely ready for some sustenance as its reward. Try opting for some avocado toast or scrambled eggs on whole grain bread with a side of turkey bacon. Avoid sugary or processed foods first thing in the morning, if possible.

  • While we’re on the topic of breakfast, put that kettle on and make yourself a cup of ginger tea. Ginger has been touted for its ability to ward off nausea and other digestive symptoms. You can either use the store-bought variety or make some yourself. Simply add grated ginger to hot water and mix in some lemon and honey to taste.
  • If tea isn’t your thing, you can opt for a cup o’joe instead! Brew yourself a pot of your favorite roast or stop at your favorite coffee shop. The jolt of caffeine may help clear your mental fog and allow you to feel more alert.
  • One comical approach to an alcohol-induced hangover is to just drink more alcohol! Yet with a hangover high, you definitely don’t want to get high any time soon. Instead, try taking some CBD. This famous non-psychoactive cannabinoid is also derived from hemp and may help lessen some of the symptoms of your hangover high. Try to stick to the non-THC CBD options, as more THC may extend the symptoms you’re experiencing.
  • Lastly, you may want to turn to OTC medication to help relieve your headache. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen may help get you back on your feet quicker than waiting hours for the lingering effects to finally pass.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with a hangover high can be quite unpleasant, but there are ways to alleviate the symptoms until they dissipate. Typically the lingering effects of a hangover high can be short-lived for about an hour or can drag on for the next 4-5 hours. Try to avoid strenuous or stressful activities for the remainder of the day and get a good night’s sleep (or even a nap!) as soon as possible. Remember that while it may be inconvenient and unpleasant, the lingering effects aren’t permanent. You’ll be back to your usual self in a few hours and ready for your next cannabis adventure!

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