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6 Ways To Help To Mask The Scent Of Cannabis

With cannabis making headlines due to its ever-increasing legality, it’s likely you’ll smell that skunky aroma more frequently. Many people are concerned about the lingering smell that may disturb passerby, family members, friends, or anyone who may have an adverse reaction to the scent of their favorite pastime. The laws in each state are different, meaning you might be allowed to smoke in public in some places and not at all in others. You’ll need to check your local state laws for specific instructions, but there are some small things you can do to be courteous to your fellow humans. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make that intense odor a little less noticeable.

But First…A Quick Recap On Cannabis

Cannabis is a term that is often considered to be simply another word for weed. The truth is that cannabis is the mother plant of both marijuana and hemp. The difference lies in the total THC content. In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis that contains 0.3% THC is called hemp and considered legal on a federal level. Cannabis that contains more than 0.3% THC is classified as marijuana, an illegal substance that is becoming legal for recreational and medical use throughout the country. We’ll use the term cannabis throughout this article for users who use either marijuana or hemp-derived cannabinoids, but just know that the word cannabis isn’t simply another word for weed.

Keeping The Smell of Cannabis At Bay

Cannabis can have different aromas depending on which strain is consumed. The scents range from a strong skunky smell to a pleasant earthy aroma. Knowing which strains have stronger scents can help you mask the odor when you smoke. However, if your favorite strain is quite potent and you’re worried about disturbing those around you, here are a few ways to help hide it.

Make A Sploof

Yeah, this was a new term for us too. Not to be confused with a “spliff,” sploofs are small devices designed to filter out the harsh smell of cannabis. You can either spring for a commercial one or create your own using common household materials. The base of the sploof can either be a cardboard tube from paper towels/toilet papers or a bottle with the bottom cut off. You can either stuff the tube or bottle with dryer sheets or fold a large dryer sheet over the end of the tube/bottle and use the rubber band to hold the sheet in place. Once you’ve finished, you can exhale the cannabis smoke into the sploof to effectively mask much of the offending smell.

Make Use of Scented Candles, Essential Oils, & Incense

Got a few candles laying around from your latest mall trip? Light them before you light up! The same works for incense or essential oils (if you have a diffuser). The powerful scents of these three can help eliminate the unwanted scent of cannabis in a short amount of time. Try to go with smoky scents like Sandalwood, Pine, Cedar, etc. Soft scents like vanilla or lavender might not work as well, but if it’s all you have, then give it a shot! Try to get into the habit of lighting candles or incense throughout the day to prevent cannabis odors from building up over time. Artificial deodorizers and aerosols won’t work as well since they tend to blend in with the cannabis odor rather than mask it, so try to avoid those unless they’re needed in a pinch.

To The Bathroom!

This might take you back to your high school deviousness, but you might want to consider taking your cannabis hits in the bathroom. Turn your shower onto the hottest setting and allow the steam to fill up the room. The steam will help diffuse the cannabis scent, especially if you have a bathroom fan or small window. Be sure to seal off any air that might escape under the door with a damp towel. Once you’re finished enjoying your smoke, consider taking a quick shower to eliminate any remnants of the smoke that may cling to your clothes or hair. Don’t forget to adjust the water temp before hopping in!

Opt For A Vape Pen Instead

Vape cartridges are a viable option as opposed to smoking a hand-made roll. The thick viscous oil is heated up in a glass chamber and passes through a cotton atomizer to transform the oil into a smooth yet subtle cloud of vapor. The pen is designed to heat the oil concentrate to the optimal temperature without burning any present cannabinoids or terpenes. Best of all, these devices are portable and only require about 1-3 puffs as a dosage. By using this method, you’ll be able to avoid ingesting any tar or carcinogens associated with smoking cannabis, and the scent is much softer and dissipates incredibly quickly. You can also re-up after an hour once the high starts to wear off, making this one of the easier ways to prevent offending anyone’s sensitive nostrils.

Gotta Keep It Ventilated!

Regardless if you’re smoking in a shared apartment or your own home, the smell of your cannabis will undoubtedly permeate the entire space. Try to choose a room that has lots of windows or a strong fan that can blow the smoke out of a single window. With the strong force of wind, the smoke won’t be able to linger enough to stick to you, your clothes, the walls, the furniture, and anything else in the room. Be mindful of which window you choose, as you may have neighbors nearby that will directly smell the strong skunky odor as it wafts from your direction.

Bowling For (Less) Smoke

The cannabis industry has a remarkable amount of external hardware available for those who prefer to smoke. One such item is a small pipe-shaped device with a scooped out center to stuff dried cannabis grounds, known as a bowl. The smoke from a bowl is considerably less than traditional bongs or joints, as the majority of the smoke emitted is from the herb burning actual bowl and not the mouthpiece. The lighter the bowl, the less smoke is produced. To avoid filling a room with the herb’s pungent aroma, try only packing enough in the bowl for a single hit. Granted, this isn’t most consumer’s first choice, but it may help you decrease the scent of cannabis that will likely bother those around you.


As more states legalize the use of both recreational and medicinal marijuana, you are more likely to catch the wafting odor of cannabis from those around you. If you partake of this particular pastime, you may be concerned about bothering the nostrils of those around you. Hopefully after reading these simple points, you’ll be able to smoke more discreetly in consideration for your fellow human.

One of our suggestions to help prevent the offending odor from reaching those who aren’t fond of cannabis was to use a vape pen. Here at TwoHawk Extracts, we offer an exquisite collection of vape pens in a variety of strains and cannabinoids. Check out our aromatic vape carts available in Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, HHC, and THC-O. If vape carts aren’t for you, we’ve also got a delightful assortment of gummies, softgels, and tinctures that are sure to whet your whistle. Feel free to reach out to us for clarification on anything in this article or regarding the hemp plant in general. We look forward to sharing our knowledge of cannabis with you as you navigate this exciting world in search of a legal high. Stay tuned for our next article, where we’ll be discussing how to prevent feeling drowsy while in the throes of a cannabis high. We look forward to seeing you again real soon!

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