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6 Tips & Tricks For Avoiding The Munchies

One of the most beloved side effects of cannabis consumption is the intense desire to snack on something tasty, whether it be sweet, savory, or a full blown meal. Dubbed “the munchies,” this side effect presents itself in different ways. You may not even experience munchies at all! If you do and aren’t fond of the overwhelming desire to chow down, don’t worry. You have options! In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the known ways to combat munchies. Some of them might be a no-brainer, but others might surprise you. Keep reading to see some tips and tricks for avoiding the munchies! But first, let’s define what the munchies are and why many of us experience this fascinating phenomenon.

What Are The Munchies?

Simply put, the munchies are a ruthless urge to consume anything and everything while high. Your enhanced sense of taste and smell can make eating much more pleasurable, resulting in a newfound love of your favorite foods and beverages. But the science behind the munchies is a curious ordeal. You can read a more in-depth explanation of why we get the munchies in our previous article entitled Why Do I Get Hungry When I’m High, but the summary is quite simple.

Psychoactive cannabinoids (i.e., Delta-8 THC, Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THC, HHC, THC-O, and others) contain THC, albeit in very small quantities. In order to remain legal on a federal level, all psychoactive cannabinoids must contain 0.3% THC or less and must be derived from hemp. The THC in these cannabinoids is quite low, but still manages to affect our body’s endocannabinoid system. The THC limits the secretion of the brain chemical responsible for telling the body you’re full while simultaneously increasing the secretion of the brain chemical that tells your body you’re hungry. The end result makes you feel ravenous, even if you’ve had a snack or meal prior to your psychoactive cannabinoid consumption.

Why Would Someone Not Want To Experience Munchies?

If you’re someone who loves the enhanced taste and scent, the idea of NOT wanting to experience the munchies might seem foreign to you. But let’s take a moment to step back and see the bigger picture. When you feel the munchies start to kick in, your natural response is to give in and eat something. However, if an individual currently struggles or has struggled with an eating disorder (i.eBulimia, anorexia, or gorging), the munchies may be a detrimental side effect that deter that individual from consuming psychoactive cannabinoids.

Another category of individuals who may not want to give in to the eating frenzy are those who struggle with portion control or are looking to shed unwanted weight. Consuming an entire tub of ice cream or devouring several slices of pizza can cause you to feel guilty. Experiencing guilt while high can actually increase your uneasiness to the point where the high is no longer pleasurable. Once the high has evaporated, this guilt can hinder any current or future progress as the scale displays a higher weight due to your late night indulgences. Interestingly enough, a study revealed those who used inhalable cannabis products did not struggle with their weight and actually weighed less than those who did not partake in any cannabis use. Feel free to check out that study at your leisure, but right now, it’s time to look at some tips and tricks for avoiding the munchies while you’re high!

How To Fight Off The Munchies

The important thing to remember is that you’re not a slave to the munchies. If you’re prone to feeling the munchies but aren’t keen to succumb to the demands of hunger, you have a plethora of options at your disposal.

Eat To Live, Not Live To Eat (While High)

We mentioned that THC can cause the brain to limit the secretion of certain chemicals responsible for you feeling hungry and full. If you’re hungry before you’re high, there’s a very real possibility that this feeling of hunger will skyrocket when you start to feel the effects. The next time you’re eagerly looking forward to your psychoactive cannabinoid consumption, ask yourself what you ate throughout the day. If you barely remembered to eat any of the three recommended meals in a day, you may feel an intense urge to consume anything and everything in your kitchen once you’re high.

It’s important to eat consistently as the hours go by, not only for energy, but to establish a pattern. If your brain knows a meal is coming, your body can accurately prepare for the nourishment before entering the “hangry” realm. Try consuming foods known to keep you feeling full for longer, particularly foods with fiber, unrefined carbs, protein, etc. Leafy greens, whole grains, and fresh fruits/veggies are known to their health benefits, so be sure to stock up on these on your next shopping trip.

Drink Up!

Similar to the above, it’s unfortunate that most Americans don’t drink enough water. The amount of recommended water consumption is also a bit muddled. Some studies say at least two liters while others staunchly support drinking half your body weight in ounces. An example for the latter would be that a 150lb individual should consume 75 oz (roughly 4 and a half bottles). A bonus effect to drinking water is that it will make you feel full; many health gurus encourage drinking water when you’re hungry to see if your body has confused hunger for thirst. If the feeling of hunger goes away, you were dehydrated. If the feeling of hunger persists, it might be time to eat something!

When you’re experiencing the effects of cannabis, it might seem simple enough to distinguish hunger from thirst. Cottonmouth and munchies are two unique side effects, but sometimes water can help with both. If you prefer a bit of flavor in your water, consider adding cucumbers, lemons, or fresh fruit for a homemade infusion of goodness.

Resist Temptation By Preparing Beforehand

If your cupboards are filled with all manner of tasty treats, resisting that pack of cookies or bag of chips may be impossible. In our last article entitled Healthy Foods Options For Munchies, we mentioned the different types of “clean food” that you can nosh on while hungry. Unless you’re a fiend for celery and cream cheese, you probably won’t overindulge on the healthy stuff lining your fridge and pantry.

It’s also dangerous to wander onto food delivery apps and websites, particularly fast food restaurants that are only minutes away. Even if you put your phone or laptop away, TV commercials can ignite a craving you didn’t even know you had. Try opting for a movie or ad-free subscription app that can prevent tempting you with junk foods while you’re high.

Just Go To Sleep

If the temptation to nosh on your favorite treats is too great a challenge to bear, you can always power walk through the kitchen and into your bedroom. Something about laying down in bed can distract your mind entirely from being hungry. Since the bedroom is primarily reserved for sleeping, your mind will accept that there are no snacks to be had and your hunger pangs will dissipate completely. Psychoactive cannabinoids have a tendency to make you drowsy and heavy-eyed, so this approach might help you forget all about your munchies and drift away into a blissful slumber.

Keep Your Mind Busy

This method of avoiding the munchies is a unique one, as you’ll most likely feel too baked to do anything mentally challenging. Add in another famous cannabis side effect of couch-lock and you’re inevitably rendered useless. However, if you feel like you possess enough energy to paw through your snack hoard, try to redirect that energy elsewhere. Light housework, nighttime routines like baths and brushing your teeth/hair, and browsing social media are all ways to distract yourself from rummaging through your kitchen for the ultimate midnight snack.

For those of you who enjoy a bit of a challenge, you can also try to ignore the cravings completely. Some users possess incredible willpower that can completely resist the temptation, both with and without practice. You can also try physical exertion (such as working out) to help distract yourself from the urge to raid your fridge. Trying either of these methods while high may leave you feeling frustrated and stressed, so use at your own risk. Just remember with great risk comes great reward!

Be Mindful of The Cannabinoid Strain You Consume


Certain product types and strains can cause you to feel hungrier than others (a topic we’ll touch on in our next article). Don’t be fooled into thinking that an indica strain will cause you to be hungrier than a sativa strain. Rather, consider the cannabinoid content of the strain you’re consuming. For example, Sour Diesel is probably one of the most popular of the high-THC strains, and is known for its increased appetite side effect. Strains that come in low levels of CBD and THCV can cause your hunger levels to spike.Most inhalables will have the strain displayed somewhere, allowing you to research how this strain came to be. Unless specifically mentioned, most edibles are indica-based so you won’t necessarily know the strain the manufacturer used.


Munchies are widely regarded as one of the most enjoyable side effects while high, as your sense of taste and smell will be greatly enhanced. Yet if, for any reason, you wish to avoid the munchies while high, it’s good to know you have options. From eating and drinking properly throughout the day to preparing your cupboards before your high, there are several tips and tricks to help you avoid the munchies. Getting high affects each user differently, meaning you may not even experience the munchies, especially if you opt for a high CBD and THCV strain. After reading this article, you should feel a bit more confident knowing how to deal with your munchies if this particular side effect occurs.

Here at TwoHawk Extracts, we pride ourselves on offering some of the finest cannabinoid-infused products on the market. Familiar favorites like Delta-8 THC and Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THC are readily available, but feel free to spring for any of our HHC and THC-O products as well. All of our products have been subjected to rigorous testing by third-party independent labs to ensure both purity and potency. Regardless if you select a sample size or full size inhalable or consumable, you can purchase with confidence knowing that the product you choose is crafted for your highest enjoyment. Let us know which product you picked in the comments below, as well as how you managed to deal with your munchies. We look forward to hearing from you!


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